Time Management - Scenario Series

Duration: 15min

Time Management - Scenario Series

Duration: 15min
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Time Management Training Video

In this day and age, a lack of time gets blamed for almost every situation; stress, unachieved goals, strained relationships, and a lack of exercise.

More importantly, time is a very unique resource in that you cannot store it and save it for later.

Since there are so many ways in which we can spend our time, the ability to manage time effectively is a valuable skill to possess.

Fully written and produced in Australia, this time management training program gives people the skills to:

  • manage their time more effectively
  • increase their knowledge about their personal time wasting habits
  • set goals
  • prioritise
  • plan activiites
  • and delegate more effectively

In the "Scenario Series" styled training videos, viewers are shown three pairs of real life situations or problems, each pair shows undesirable behaviour followed by a desirable example for comparison purposes.

Trainees can then discuss, role play and brainstorm, and come up with a solution themselves.
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