Supervisory Skills

Duration: 15min

Supervisory Skills

Duration: 15min
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The ability of supervisors to form a trusting and working relationship with their employees is essential in every working environment.

Well developed supervisory skills can lead to high performance, employee satisfaction, a positive workplace and a safe and healthy environment.

Fully written and produced in Australia, this supervisory skills training program allows viewers to:

  • develop an understanding of the skills necessary to be a successful leader

  • develop an awareness of the difference between Autocratic and Democratic decision making

  • create strategies for improving interpersonal relationships at work

  • increase understanding of the key role that supervisors play in workplace communication

  • assess their own leadership styles

In the "Scenario Series" styled training videos, viewers are shown three pairs of real life situations or problems, each pair shows undesirable behaviour followed by a desirable example for comparison purposes.

Trainees can then discuss, role play and brainstorm, and come up with a solution themselves.
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