Making Teams Work

Duration: 22min

Making Teams Work

Duration: 22min
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Teamwork is an important component of the success of essentially every organisation!

In the workplace, teams working at their potential can generate more productivity and better solutions than if all the individual members had worked independently.

Fully written and produced in Australia, this training program consists of a set of scenarios which examine the various factors that contribute to making teams work including:
  • Management commitment and support
  • Preparing a team mission statement
  • Establishing team goals
  • Defining roles for each team member
  • Group dynamics and processes
  • Effective communication within a team situation
  • Ability to identify the causes of problems & the long term solutions to problems

In the "Scenario Series" styled training videos, viewers are shown three pairs of real life situations or problems, each pair shows undesirable behaviour followed by a desirable example for comparison purposes.

Trainees can then discuss, role play and brainstorm, and come up with a solution themselves.
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