Isabellas Wish

Duration: 10min

Isabellas Wish

Duration: 10min
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Everyone of us has an Isabella at home, loved ones and friends who simply want us, and need us, to return home safely from work each day.

They are a stark reminder of the importance for each of us to look after one another in the workplace and complete all tasks with not only our safety uppermost in mind, but that of our work mates.

This safety training video discusses:
  • The mind frames that often lead to workplace incidents
  • The importance of hazard identification
  • Incident reporting
  • What is a near miss and why they should also be reported
  • Risk control using the Hierarchy of Controls
  • The importance of taking care of your own health and well being

Following many safety incidents, in hindsight, there is often a frustration that the cause of that incident should have been painfully obvious to us all along.

But why is this so?

Could it be that for the first time we are actually looking seriously at the hazard?

Or when we decided to undertake the activity, was more time put into how to do it and less time into thinking about what could go wrong?

Hazards have a way of finding us!
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