Excellent Customer Service

2 Titles in the series

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service Training Video
2 Titles in the series
Excellent Customer Service Training Video Set of 2

This customer service set features Sam Delaney, a 1950's style private investigator, who sets out to discover the secrets of excellent customer service.

Sam learns about:
  • The reasons for a customer service philosophy.
  • What it means to provide excellent customer service.
  • Listening and communication skills.
  • Dealing effectively with irate customers.
  • The importance of attitude.
  • Internal and external customers.
  • A five step plan for dealing with difficult customers.
  • The importance of the customer's perception.
  • How to serve customers better.

Interactive pause breaks throughout the DVDs allow participants to discuss the main learning points and to compare their own customer service techniques to the characters in the story.
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