Communication in the Workplace

3 Titles in the series

Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the Workplace Training Video
3 Titles in the series
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Communication Training Video Set of 3

PART 1: Sending Effective Messages.
PART 2: Receiving the Message.
PART 3: Barriers to Effective Communication.

A communication training video set featuring three different scenarios each showing poor communication taking place.

Trainees are encouraged to watch, discuss, role play and come up with their own solutions before watching each scenario again this time showing improved performance.

Some of the communication training points are:
  • Defining effective communication.
  • Identifying the characteristics of an effective communicator.
  • Responsibilities of the message sender.
  • Discovering the most effective ways of delivering information to a group of people.
  • Understanding that non verbal messages are more powerful than what is actually said.
  • The importance of eye contact.
  • Personal space and seating arrangements.
  • Tailoring your language to suit the audience.
  • How to use meetings to deliver a message.

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