Manual Handling Hospitality – New Release

Jul 11, 2017 | Manual Handling, New Releases, Work Health & Safety

Manual Handling in Hospitality – The Background

Whether it is making beds, stocking the bar, or clearing tables, manual handling plays a major part in getting the job done in hospitality.
It’s little wonder then that manual handling accounts for more than half of the workplace compensation claims in the hospitality industry in Australia. The good news is, musculoskeletal injuries are preventable.
The purpose of this video is to help your organisation eradicate bad manual handling habits, and by achieving this, virtually halve the chances of being injured at work.

Our New Manual Handling Video

Now you can protect your organisation and your workers against manual handling injuries with our latest video based training program “Manual Handling in Hospitality” (Click link to the online store)

This easy to follow and understand training tool video deals with:

  • The specific laws of managing hazardous manual handling tasks
  • How to assess and control the risks
  • How and why we should lift and carry safely
  • How and why we should store goods safely
  • An easy to follow guide of the physiology

Check out the trailer below…

Keeping Your Staff Engaged

Whilst most training sessions will quite rightly focus on “how?”… “How to employ correct lifting techniques“, “How to control the risks“, an effective approach to to manual handling training is to also get employees to think about “why?”.

Thinking about why safe manual handling is important, and the implications of a manual handling related injury on one’s personal life can certainly help create a more motivated and engaged viewing audience.

This manual handling for hospitality training video encourages this approach, whilst the trainer’s support guide that accompanies the video encourages the audience to think about and discuss their:

  • Their favourite family activity
  • Their personal favorite recreational pastime
  • The most strenuous physical activity they undertook the previous weekend
  • What they would do tomorrow if they suddenly found themselves with a free day where they could do anything they liked

Then imagine themselves possibly unable to undertake those 4 activities because of a musculoskeletal problem. “How would they feel?”

Online Training Options

The video can be supplied in a digital format for easy online application – this could include uploading the video to your organisation’s intranet, or embedding the video into an eLearning course.

A self-paced interactive version is also available and can be supplied as SCORM content for upload to a compatible LMS.

If you would like a free full-length preview of the video, click here to get in contact.